Sunday, August 29, 2010

How Time Flies...

As of tomorrow, I will have been checked in for 3 weeks already. It feels like I've been here so much longer than that.
I've had off the past two days. Friday, I went resort hopping with Kristin, Wayne, Dana, & Lauren. We ended up doing the Vacation Club tour thing. I've wanted to join DVC for awhile, but I'm gonna have to wait till I have a more steady income. We also went to Magic Kingdom that night, where we almost got stuck on Pirates. The weight in the boat wasn't distributed right, so the boat was leaning to one side & we kept hitting the gaurd rail things really hard. We did get stuck at one point, but eventually got going again before they had to shut down the ride.
Yesterday, I took a "me" day. I slept in, went over to the outlet mall, came home & worked on homework for a little while, went to Walgreens with Deirdre and then made dinner with her, made cookies, worked on more homework & went to bed. It was a pretty good day, even though it did start to rain on the way back from Walgreens. That's 2 days in a row that I've gotten drenched, just walking from security to my apartment.
Today is my Monday & Friday. I'm off tomorrow, then I work 4 days, then I'm off again. I just saw my schedule for next week. I have three 6am starts in a row at character room at studios, then I'm off for 2 days, then I work till 10:30 at epcot, then I'm back in at 6:30 at epcot again. I really hate early shifts, especially the ones at epcot ops. The only nice thing about them is I'll have lots of time to get homework done after I get off.
That's pretty much it for now. Oh yeah, I'm really hoping we start to get some new costuming CPs at studios soon, since the ones we've been getting have all been ICPs, while they're great, they don't really talk a lot and it gets kinda boring sitting in laundry with them for 8 hours.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Much New Here

Not much has happened since my last post, except for working alot. I was scheduled to work 4 days at Studios, then 2 at Epcot, then 3 more at Studios before having a day off. The days at Epcot were 6am-2pm.

I woke up this morning around 3:30, since I needed to catch a bus at 4:35. I had a headache & just wanted to go back to sleep, so I called in. I know I could have gone to work & asked for an ROS (release of shift) when I got there, but even that sounded like it was going to take too much effort, so I will have a point from today. After falling back asleep, I woke up again around noon, feeling much better, so I did my laundry & went to Walgreens. I had looked at their sale paper online & they had a printer for $29. I brought one with my that my dad had gotten from somewhere, but it turns out that it didn't work as well as he thought it would. Since I called in, I can't go to the parks or any place where I would use my ID, so I've been hanging around the apartment all day except for Walgreens & I'm going crazy. We also had a guy come fix our TV, so we now get more than 20 channels.

Anyways, that's pretty much it for right now. I've had 3 days off since I've been here & I didn't even go to the parks all of them because my friends were all working. I'm off this Friday & Saturday and again on Monday, so if you wanna go to the parks or something, let me know.

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's My Saturday!

Yes, it's Monday, but it's my Saturday. If you're not here yet, your days off won't always be on Saturday & Sunday, so it's not uncommon to hear people say that it's their Friday, even though it's Tuesday or something. I was off today & will be again tomorrow. I then work 9 days straight. 2 of those days are at Epcot character room, I wasn't happy when I saw Epcot on my schedule, but I'll take it if it's all they have for me.

I've been here for a week & it's been rather eventful. I posted last week, so I'll just update on what's happened since then. My roommate Dana is still wondeful, but our 2 apartment-mates aren't so great. They're loud, don't care if you're sleeping, & just plain rude. I had brought a TV with me & put it in the living room. After coming home from work everyday to find one of them & at least 3 of their friends watching my DVDs on it, I decided to move it into my room. My parents also bought me a wireless router. After setting it up, I gave Dana the password, but didn't give it to either of them since they have a desktop computer. Yesterday, I took out the garbage, but they had decided to take all of their cleaning things out of the kitchen, since they felt we were separating everything in the apartment anyways. That's fine, except I bought the garbage bags & dishwasher detergent that they had taken. They also left a note on the dry erase board bascally saying that we should just keep everything separate. Also, Dana worked this morning, but around 10, while I was still sleeping, I heard my bedroom door open & then close rather quickly. I'm just guessing that it was one of them trying to come in my room for something since my roommate was at work.

Anyways, Dana & I want to move to a one bedroom as soon as we can. We both turn 21 by November, so with a one bedroom, we can have alcohol in the apartment after we're both 21. It will just prevent so many problems since it would just be us.

I've been trained on both the morning & night runs at character room. Last night was my first night doing the runs by myself. I think I did pretty well, since I didn't forget anything. The runs consist of me going to Muppets, Monsters Inc, & Toy Story. They're not really hard, you just don't have alot of time to do them in since you have to be back to finish the laundry before leaving.

Since today was my day off, I went to property control & cast connection. I got a nice jacket at property control. I haven't figured out what's wrong with it, but it was raining & I didn't have an umbrella or anything & it was cheap. It then went over to cast connection where I got a backpack & tshirt. I also got some apples since they were 25 cents each. They have a bunch of food stuff there now. I think if I need to get fruit or bread or something, I going there instead of walmart since it's way cheaper there than walmart.

I think that's about it for now. I'll try to update with how work & the rest of my training is going, but I can't guarantee that I will before my next days off, which is next Friday & Saturday.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Checked In!!!

I got to Orlando Saturday night. After the gps decided to send us to the cast parking lot at Magic Kingdom, we got to the hotel. I got us checked in & took off for Magic Kingdom to see the Nightastic fireworks right away.
Sunday I was on my own. My parents went to Tampa for the day, & I went to Hollywood Studios. I watched alot of the shows & picked up my costume since I knew I was gonna start work right away. As I was walking out of on of the stores, I looked up & saw my friend Cole walking past, so I had lunch with him during his break. I went to the meet & greet dinner that night. It was fun & quite a few people showed up.
I checked in on Monday. The day was rather uneventful. I got to Vista about 6:55 & they let us in around 7:45. I had an apartment & was on the bus to casting by 8:30. I got a 2 bedroom at Chatham. My roommate Dana is wonderful. We didn't know the other two girls before hand at all. So far, they seem nice. I haven't talked to them a whole lot yet. Dana didn't get to the apartment until late afternoon. She unpacked enough to find clothes to change into & we went to dinner & then to walmart. I wanted to get home early since I had to work the next morning.
Tuesday was my first day of work. I was working at the character room (The Show Must Go On/ TSMGO) at Hollywood Studios. The day was pretty easy. It was my "off line" training day, so I didn't have a track to learn, just get familiar with the area. My trainer loved that I had worked at Epcot character room, so the day was really easy for her. After work, I went  home & took a nap, before meeting my parents for Fantasmic.
I tried to sleep in this morning, but they were doing some work in the laundry room in the next building, so I didn't get to sleep too late. My parents picked up a wireless router for me, which I tried setting up earlier & finally got to work. I went to access control & turned in my seasonal ID for a CP one. My parents & I then went to Magic Kingdom, where I got my mom to go on Space Mountain for the first time since 1978!
That's pretty much all that's gone on here. I work 6am-2pm tomorrow, so I'm heading to bed in a little while. I have the On With the Show class on Friday morning, which is just the park orientation for Hollywood Studios. I'm meeting up with a friend from my last program after that. I think we're spending the afternoon at Epcot & then the evening at Magic Kingdom. I just know that we're having dinner at Kona at the Polynesian.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Post Until DIsney!!!

This is going to be my last post before I leave for Disney. I'm leaving Friday morning, sometime between 2 & 5am. My parents are driving me down, so we're just gonna leave whenever my dad gets up & wants to leave. The plan is to get to at least Nashville the first day, but we're gonna try for Chattanooga or Atlanta, so the second day isn't that long. I should be getting to Disney sometime Saturday afternoon or early evening.

As I said in my last post, I'm almost all packed. There are a few things I can't pack until the last minute, but it shouldn't be a big deal to pack them. I'm glad everyone found my packing blog so helpful. Feel free to use the list to help yourself out.

I'm going to see Wicked on Wednesday night & I can't wait! I have wanted to see it for over a year since one of my friends always played the music, which got me hooked on it.

My parents are going to go to Tampa on Sunday to visit some family, but said I can stay back at Disney so I can go to the meet & greet dinner at Pop Century that night. I'm looking for people to spend the day with, so if you're gonna be there that day & wanna hang out, let me know. Either comment on here or send me a message on Facebook.

I have found out where exactly I'm going to be working. I knew I was going to be at Hollywood Studios, but wasn't sure where exactly, since there are like 12 places for costuming there. My schedule was finally posted on the Hub yesterday. I'm going to be working at TSMGO, or The Show Must Go On, which is the character room there. I am working there 3 days the week I check in, including two 6am shifts, one of which is the day after I check in. I'm guessing I'll have a few days of training there & then be trained somewhere else, since CPs at Studios are rarely trained in only one location.

Since I have an early shift the day after I check in, I probably won't post another blog until after I get off work that day. Since my roommates won't have their IDs to get in the parks yet, we're probably just gonna hang out unless I decide to use my main gate to get them into the park.

I have property orientation at Studios the Friday of the week I check in. It's only a 4 hour shift, which is basically a walking tour of the park. I already know the park like the back of my hand, so it won't be that bad. After I'm done with that, I'm gonna try to meet up with one of my friends for lunch, so I'll be taking a change of clothes with me so I don't have to go back to the apartment, just to go back to one of the parks.

That's pretty much it for now. I can't wait till I'm there & get to know everyone.