Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Little About Me

I have noticed that alot of people blog about their experiences during their college programs. I didn't do anything like that during my last cp, so I'm going to attempt to keep a blog during my next one. There's about 3 and a half weeks until the applications for the Fall 2010 program are posted online and I have plenty to keep me busy during that time.

I leave for a week at Disney World next Wednesday, January 6th. I am going with one of my friends from school, who was a CP at the same time as me, but we didn't meet until we had a philosophy class together this past semester. We both requested to work the Saturday-Monday that we're there, but neither of us were scheduled to work on the Saturday. I check the extra hours hotline every few hours to see if anything was posted that I would be able to pick up for Saturday. Some of my friends from during my CP are going to be there at that time as well. We didn't all plan to be there at the same time, but that's how it ended up working out with all of our school schedules.

I'm supposed to be getting back from Florida on Wednesday and I'm planning on helping at the Girl Scout camp that I have worked at the past four summers that weekend.

I originally did the Career Start Program from August 2008- January 2009, but was able to extend and stay until May. I worked in costuming at Epcot and Hollywood Studios while I was there. I loved working in costuming, not only were my fellow costumers awesome, but so were many of the preformers I worked with at Fantasmic and Block Party Bash. I lived in a one bedroom at Chatham the entire time. After a while, my roommate & I ended up on opposite working schedules, so at there were times when I didn't see her for several days in a row.

I am planning on applying for the Fall Advantage program. I was originally going to work one last summer at the camp that I have spent the past 4 summers at & then go back to Disney in August after camp ended. After a lot of thought, I decided to not go back to camp. I can make more (but not much more) working at Disney than at camp & I think I would have a better time by going back to Disney than if I went back to camp.

I think that's about it for tonight. I'll try writing more tomorrow or the next day, but definitely before I leave for Florida next week.