Monday, May 24, 2010

Role Change

Hello to anyone who actually reads this.

I emailed Disney last Tuesday, asking if there was any way to switch to costuming. I explained that I was happy with merchandise and grateful to have been accepted again, but I would really prefer to be in costuming again since I'm already trained in several areas. I asked if I could switch to costuming if someone else turned down a costuming position.

I got an email from Sarah at recruiting asking when would be a good time to call me to discuss changing roles. I emailed her back right away saying I was available all afternoon today and all day the rest of the week.

My phone rang about 20 minutes ago. When I saw it was a 407 area code, I immediately muted the tv & answered the phone. It was Sarah from recruiting. She had spoken with her supervisor & explained that I had worked in costuming before & am seasonal in costuming as well. She then told me that she was able to get me switched to costuming.

They'll be sending me a new offer letter in the next few days. I'm so happy to have been able to get my role switched. I'll be back with all my friends who stayed after their programs ended and us costuming people are a special group (there's only about 40 costuming CPs.) I'll know what to expect & hopefully be back to trainer status fairly quickly at character room & ops.

That's all that's new with me for now.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Little Update

I'm sure that everyone who reads this & pays attention to the CP groups on Facebook will know that the first group of Fall Advantage CPs checked in this morning. The wonderful group of girls I was going to be roommates with is all checked in. If I had gotten into Fall Advantage, I would have checked in today.

After getting accepted for merchandise for the Fall program, my mom suggested that I email my costuming managers and recruiting to find out if there's anyway I can switch to costuming. I was told when they called to tell me I had been accepted that there weren't many costuming spots available for CPs and even though I'm seasonal in costuming & my skills are still good, there just wasn't a spot open. Yesterday afternoon I finally emailed recruiting, asking if there's anyway I can be put on some sort of waiting list in case someone who had accepted a position in costuming changes their mind about doing the program. I basically asked that they consider me if a spot in costuming opens up. I still haven't heard back from them, but I'm not expecting to for at least a few more days.

I decided to switch who my roommate is going to be. The first person was really awesome, but we were both going to be doing merchandise & we had both requested to work at Villains in Vogue at Hollywood Studios. I know there are going to be times when I'm going to need to get away from my roommates or the people I work with, and that's really hard to do when I'm living with a coworker. I've found a new roommate & she seems really chill. I think we'll get along well, we're both organizers and not really into parties & drinking. She's in quick service food & beverage, so I know we won't end up working together.

That's pretty much all the updates I have about the College Program for now. Check in is in 82 days & I'll be back in Orlando in 80 days. My request to work the day before check in was approved, so I'll have some extra money on my first pay check.

I managed to get tickets to see Wicked for August 4th, I'm leaving the morning of August 6th, so I think it will be an amazing way to spend my second to last night in town. I'm going with one of my best friends from high school & camp, so I know it will be fun.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Going to Disney World!

I got my folder this morning! I'm really going. I picked my check in date and everything right away. I'll be checking in August 9th for merchandise.

I think I'm gonna need to find a roommate. I'm hoping I can live with one of my friends from my last program, but she already has a roommate set up, but I can still be apartment mates with her.

Now I've gotta figure out how I'm getting there. My check in date is the day before my parents' 25th anniversary, but my parents can't really afford for both of them to go down with me since they want to go in November or December to see all the Christmas stuff.

Anyways, here's my purple folder picture.