Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 37

Today is day 37 of my wait for a purple anything. If I don't hear anything by next Thursday, which is also the day of the campus presentation I'm going to, I will have waited longer this time than I did 2 years ago for Career Start.

At this point, I'm trying to stay optimistic about being accepted, but it seems to be dwindling quickly. While I was waiting 2 years ago, I was so confident about being accepted. I was buying stuff & packing before I was even accepted. This time, even though I know I might not find out until less than 3 weeks before the first arrival dates, I keep looking at my suitcases in the corner of my room & think I shouldn't start to pack anything so if I don't get accepted, I don't have to unpack it all.

As the wait has gotten longer, I have also been losing any ambition I did have to do my homework. With all online classes, I have alot of homework every week. This week, I have to watch a French film that has subtitles, which means I can't even try to do other homework while I watch it cuz I actually have to watch it, instead of listen to it like I usually do.