Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Time to Say Goodbye

I know I haven't updated this in forever. I got busy with school & working so much that I barely had time for facebook, let alone blogging.
I didn't my extension or campus rep position. I was upset at first, but I've decided it's best for me to just go home & focus on school for awhile.
Today is my last day of work & I'm flying home Friday morning. It's been a sad week, a bunch of people left over the weekend, so we wen to ihop the night before many of them left. Im going to watch fantasmic one last time tomorrow night with a whole group that's leaving on Friday as well.
Since I haven't written in so long, I think I'll stop here or I'm gonna keep writing about everything that has happened since my last post. I'm thinking I'm gonna do a post once I get home with my thoughts about the program this time.

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