Wednesday, January 19, 2011

After Thoughts

I know I said I'd post when I got home & now I am.
I've been home for almost 2 weeks. I finished unpacking earlier this week. Going through everything made me do a lot of thinking about the program. I loved being there again, but it wasn't the same as my first program. I think a lot of it had to do with the people. My last program, all of the costumers were a pretty close group. This time, we didn't get really close & start spending a lot of time together until it was almost over. Sure, I'll miss them, but not in the same way that I miss my first program's group. Before I went this time, I told myself that I would have friends outside of costuming this time. My closest friends this time worked in busses & qsfb.
This program definitely helped me realize that although I want to work for Disney in the future, I might be best in a role other than costuming. I picked up a Christmas party shift & New Years Eve, handing out hats & horns to guests. I loved having that guest interaction that I don't get in costuming.

Today, applications were posted for the summer alumni program. I watched the e-presentation & applied right away. I was able to schedule an interview for tomorrow at 1:30pm. The only options for roles for the summer alumni program were merchandise, attractions, quick service food & beverage, custodial, & housekeeping. I chose merchandise, attractions, and qsfb.

I'll try to post after my interview and definitely after I hear something back.

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