Friday, February 4, 2011

Summer plans

Well, my interview for the summer alumni program went really well, but I won't be spending my summer at Disney after all. Recruiting called me the day after my interview to let me know that because of my record card, i'm not eligible to switch roles right now. I had 6 points, but couldn't have more than 5 to be able to switch. I don't think it would have been a problem if costuming were an option.
I've decided to try to go back for a long weekend right after I'm done with school, my last exam is over at 11:30 & my flight is at 1:30 that day. I get to see one of my best friends if I go then & I'll be able to work a few days to keep my seasonal status. If anyone reading this is looking to go down in may, let me know, I'm looking for someone to split the room at all stars with.


  1. Why don't you try to find a group and get an apt for the summer? Through FB and other means, I don't think it would be too hard. There will be plenty of Spring people who don't get extensions who may want to stay. There have to be other alumns that can't get down there by MAy 16th too.
    Apts in the area do have short term leases available.

  2. oh girl! im so sad for u! disney was my best life experience! u are gonna make it, may be next year! have faith!!!