Wednesday, April 28, 2010

D - 48 hours

Less than 48 hours & I'm supposed to have a decision from Disney.
If you've been reading my blog, you might remember how one of the recruiters called me a few weeks ago to see if I could do fall instead of fall advatage & then told me they should have a decision for me in a few days.
Well, that was almost 3 weeks ago, so I called Disney yesterday. I explained the situation to the person who answered the phone, who looked me up in the computer. He asked who I spoke with a few weeks ago & said he would transfer me to one of the actual recruiters. I think he transferred me to Lisa. I explained the conversation I'd had with Kathy to her. She said she would email Kathy to have her call me back today.
Lisa ended up calling me back today. She ws letting me know that she hasn't gotten any new info for me, but she was trying to get ahold of someone. She said that they would call me tomorrow with some "definite info."
Over 13 weeks of waiting & 11 weeks of pending and it's finally looking like I'm actually going to get an answer! After this is all done, I'm planning on sending Lisa a nice thank you email. She has been so helpful with all of this.
Hopefully I'll be able to post a new blog in the next 48 hours saying I've been accepted.


  1. I hope they get back to you ASAP!
    I've been reading your blog and I know it's been a super long wait that nobody should have gone through!
    Anyways, the way I see it is that it will be some great news 'cause I don't think they'll make someone wait for so long for a rejection.
    So best of luck and I'm glad you'll know soon! :)

  2. I hope they get back to you ASAP as well! I'm praying that whenever I finally apply I don't have to go through what you did because I can't IMAGINE waiting that long! I've actually been checking back to see if there are any new developments with you hearing from them! Believe me, I've been trying to send you lots of pixie dust so that hopefully you will get this purple folder!

    Best of luck & lots of Pixie Dust! :) I agree with Lyanne, I don't thnink they would make someone wait this long for a rejection!