Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Phone Call of Answers & Possibilities

I got a phone call from recruiting on Thrusday about some things, but I am going to explain what led up to the phone call.

Last Wednesday (a week & a half ago), I emailed recruiting to change around my role check list. This past Wednesday I drove to Kentucky to spend the weekend with my family who lives there. While we were eating lunch on Thursday, my phone started buzzing in my pocket, but I figured it was an email, so I ignored it. After lunch, I checked my phone & I had gotten an email, but I also had a voicemail and a missed call. I listened to the voicemail and it was one of the CP recruiters. She had gotten my email & wanted to talk to me about changing my role check list and possibly my program season. She asked that I call her back and leave a voicemail with when I would be available on Friday for her to call me back and gave me her direct number. (Which is now saved in my phone in case I need to talk to ehr again.)

I got up on Friday to try calling her back before she called me (I had called her with when I was available, but I thought it would be better to try calling her too.) She finally called me back around noon. She wanted to double check that costuming was still my first choice of roles. She also asked if I would be okay with doing the fall program instead of fall advantage if it meant I could work in costuming. I said it would be, but fall advantage was still my first choice of programs. I also told her that I would gladly accept whatevere they offered me. She said she was pretty sure I would be okay with doing fall since there weren't that many positions in costuming and because she knew how much I wanted to be back in costuming. Before hanging up, she told me that they should have a decision for me in the next few days!

I'm not sure if that meant they had a position for me in fall, but they had to make sure that it would be okay with me to do fall, but that's kind of what I'm thinking it meant.
If I end up doing the fall program, I have to try to find a summer job. I want to enjoy my summer if I'm not at Disney. I have worked at the same Girl Scout camp for 4 summers and I'm not really sure that I want to go back. If I don't spend the summer at Disney, I might go back to camp for a few weeks, but I know I don't want to spend the entire summer there.

I'm really hoping to get an email in the next few days. Good luck to everyone else who is still waiting.

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