Saturday, July 24, 2010

So Little Time, So Much to Do...

As I am sitting here typing this, I am thinking of everything I have to do before I leave.

I have to go to the bank on Monday to cash in some of my savings bonds so I can make my first tuition payment. My aunt said she can lend me the money, but not until Friday or Saturday & it's due on Monday. By cashing in my bonds, I can mail the check instead of going in & standing in line all day Monday to pay it. I was going to cash them in before I left anyways. I'm going to use the money from the bonds to pay my tuition & the money from my aunt for my living money for the first few weeks I'm in Florida. No matter which way I do it, I'm gonna end up owing my aunt some money.

I have to finish putting everything back in my room. I moved some stuff around last week & still haven't put everything back.

I have to finish packing. I'm mostly packed already, but there are some things that I have to wait to pack.

I'm going to see Wicked two nights before I leave. I'm seeing it on the 4th & I leave in the morning on the 6th. I have wanted to see it for probably a year & a half, it's finally in Milwaukee at the same time I am, so I can see it. My best friend from my last program would always play Wicked in the car, so I already know all of the songs, even though I've never seen it.

My cousins from Oklahoma are coming on Aug. 5th. They will probably get here around dinner time, so that means my last meal at home will most likely be a big family deal. Before my last program, my mom & I made our dairy free pizza & watched Gilmore Girls on my last night at home before my cousin called & asked if I wanted to go get some custard, so it's gonna be quite a bit different this time.

I printed off & filled out all of my on-boarding paperwork this afternoon. I put it the envelope with my purple folder in it. I also found where the Dollar Stores & Aldi's closest to the apartments are. There's so much stuff from the Dollar Store that I still need to get, but it's random stuff, like hot pads, that one of my roommates might have brought, so I'm not gonna buy until I get there. If you don't know what Aldi's is, it's a discount grocery store. None of the stuff is name brand & it's all pretty cheap. There weren't any in Orlando during my last program, but now there are a few, but they're not really close enough to the apartments to get to without a car. I also printed off some of my comp tickets for my parents to use. If you are seasonal, part time, or full time, you can get 2 comp tickets up to twice a year. Since I worked as seasonal after my last program ended for a few days, I got 2 of them last summer. I also got 2 this summer since I worked in January. Since I don't know what my work schedule is yet, my parents are going to use those in case I'm working in the morning & they want to go to the parks.

Since I don't drive, I walked to Walgreens today. It's not quite a mile, so its not too far. I decided to wear my converse slip ons with out socks today. I managed to give myself blisters on the back of both heels. It hurt to walk home, but at least I now know that I have to wear socks with them if I'm gonna be doing any amount of walking. Anyways, the reason for me going to Walgreens was because they had printer paper on sale for $1.99. I was gonna need to get some anyway since I'm taking a printer with me cuz of my classes I'm taking.

Last thing, I swear. As I've been packing everything, I've laid it out on my bed & taken a picture of it. I then take another picture after I have everything packed. I'm going to put them all together in a packing blog. That will probably be up sometime by the end of the week.

I leave in 12 days, & 8 or 9 hours. I hate getting up early, so I'm probably not gonna sleep the night before & just sleep in the truck while my parents are driving.

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