Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer, Packing, & Halloween

I'm taking two summer classes & they started this week. So far, neither one of them seem too bad, they're both online classes. The professor for my nutrition class has everything available online already, so I can work at my own pace, I just have to have stuff done by the due dates. I took my first government quiz yesterday & got a 90% on it! The majority of my summer is going to involve those classes.

I emailed the recruiter I talked to last month about switching roles because I still hadn't gotten a letter for costuming. She said if I didn't get it by the beginning of this week, to let her know & they can send another one. Since it was Flag Day yesterday & we didn't get mail, I'm gonna wait till tomorrow before I email her to let her know I still haven't gotten it.

My mom brought home two big boxes from her work for me to use to pack. I packed one of them last night with stuff that I've boughten for the program or already had, but won't be using between now & August. I keep looking at the pile of stuff in the corner of my room & thinking that it seems like a lot of stuff to be taking. I then realize that a lot of it is stuff that I bought after I got there for my last program, so it's not really a lot of extra stuff cuz I would end up with that much stuff after I get there.

One of my friends said something on Facebook about how they wanted to sign up to work the Halloween Parties since the sign up sheets were on the Hub. I submitted my interest sheet on Sunday to work the Halloween Parties. It doesn't gaurantee that I'll be working them, it just lets them know that I'm interested in working them. Speaking of Halloween, I know I want to go to the Halloween party at least once. I'm not sure who I'll be going with yet, but if the people I go with decide to dress up, I've already got my costume figured out. I'm gonna go as Russell from Up. I have brown shorts & a yellow tshirt. I have to make a brown sash with patches on it, I found my Brownie sash from Girl Scouts, but it's too small.

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