Wednesday, June 30, 2010

37 Days!

I will be back in Florida in 37 days!

My past few weeks have been filled with cleaning my room & going through just about everything I own. Since April, I have taken probably 10 garbage bags & boxes of stuff to Goodwill, most of it being clothes that I hardly ever wear. I still have one bin of clothes that I can't get rid of, even though I barely wear them. It's all my clothes for camp, so mostly tshirts I got for free from school & don't care if they get ruined.

I have also started packing some stuff. I have 2 boxes & a duffel already packed. I have a pile of other things that I need to pack, but I don't know if it's gonna be packed in a box or if I'll have room in one of my suitcases. I have a list of things that are gonna be packed, but I'm most likely going to use/need in the next 5 weeks.

I had been taking 2 summer classes: nutrtion & goverment. I decided to drop the nutrition class the other day. The teacher required us to use a different browser to take the tests & quizzes in. Everytime I opened the other browser, my computer would freeze & stop responding. I ended up getting zeros on a quiz and one of the tests because of it. I figured even if I got 100% on everything else for the rest of the semester, I would still only end up with a 71% in the class. Since I changed my major, I can take the 100 level nutrition class, which has a different teacher than the 200 level class.

I've been doing some sewing projects for vaious family members. I have to shorten 3 pairs of pants for my aunt and I have to fix 2 skirts for my grandma. It's not that hard to do either, I just have no ambition to.


  1. Hey roomie I was thinking about going to the Halloween party I just don't know who to be yet.

  2. I've never dressed up for the Halloween parties before, but I'm only gonna dress up if the people I'm going with are dressing up too. We should plan to go the same night & have a roomie night.