Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Checked In!!!

I got to Orlando Saturday night. After the gps decided to send us to the cast parking lot at Magic Kingdom, we got to the hotel. I got us checked in & took off for Magic Kingdom to see the Nightastic fireworks right away.
Sunday I was on my own. My parents went to Tampa for the day, & I went to Hollywood Studios. I watched alot of the shows & picked up my costume since I knew I was gonna start work right away. As I was walking out of on of the stores, I looked up & saw my friend Cole walking past, so I had lunch with him during his break. I went to the meet & greet dinner that night. It was fun & quite a few people showed up.
I checked in on Monday. The day was rather uneventful. I got to Vista about 6:55 & they let us in around 7:45. I had an apartment & was on the bus to casting by 8:30. I got a 2 bedroom at Chatham. My roommate Dana is wonderful. We didn't know the other two girls before hand at all. So far, they seem nice. I haven't talked to them a whole lot yet. Dana didn't get to the apartment until late afternoon. She unpacked enough to find clothes to change into & we went to dinner & then to walmart. I wanted to get home early since I had to work the next morning.
Tuesday was my first day of work. I was working at the character room (The Show Must Go On/ TSMGO) at Hollywood Studios. The day was pretty easy. It was my "off line" training day, so I didn't have a track to learn, just get familiar with the area. My trainer loved that I had worked at Epcot character room, so the day was really easy for her. After work, I went  home & took a nap, before meeting my parents for Fantasmic.
I tried to sleep in this morning, but they were doing some work in the laundry room in the next building, so I didn't get to sleep too late. My parents picked up a wireless router for me, which I tried setting up earlier & finally got to work. I went to access control & turned in my seasonal ID for a CP one. My parents & I then went to Magic Kingdom, where I got my mom to go on Space Mountain for the first time since 1978!
That's pretty much all that's gone on here. I work 6am-2pm tomorrow, so I'm heading to bed in a little while. I have the On With the Show class on Friday morning, which is just the park orientation for Hollywood Studios. I'm meeting up with a friend from my last program after that. I think we're spending the afternoon at Epcot & then the evening at Magic Kingdom. I just know that we're having dinner at Kona at the Polynesian.

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