Monday, August 16, 2010

It's My Saturday!

Yes, it's Monday, but it's my Saturday. If you're not here yet, your days off won't always be on Saturday & Sunday, so it's not uncommon to hear people say that it's their Friday, even though it's Tuesday or something. I was off today & will be again tomorrow. I then work 9 days straight. 2 of those days are at Epcot character room, I wasn't happy when I saw Epcot on my schedule, but I'll take it if it's all they have for me.

I've been here for a week & it's been rather eventful. I posted last week, so I'll just update on what's happened since then. My roommate Dana is still wondeful, but our 2 apartment-mates aren't so great. They're loud, don't care if you're sleeping, & just plain rude. I had brought a TV with me & put it in the living room. After coming home from work everyday to find one of them & at least 3 of their friends watching my DVDs on it, I decided to move it into my room. My parents also bought me a wireless router. After setting it up, I gave Dana the password, but didn't give it to either of them since they have a desktop computer. Yesterday, I took out the garbage, but they had decided to take all of their cleaning things out of the kitchen, since they felt we were separating everything in the apartment anyways. That's fine, except I bought the garbage bags & dishwasher detergent that they had taken. They also left a note on the dry erase board bascally saying that we should just keep everything separate. Also, Dana worked this morning, but around 10, while I was still sleeping, I heard my bedroom door open & then close rather quickly. I'm just guessing that it was one of them trying to come in my room for something since my roommate was at work.

Anyways, Dana & I want to move to a one bedroom as soon as we can. We both turn 21 by November, so with a one bedroom, we can have alcohol in the apartment after we're both 21. It will just prevent so many problems since it would just be us.

I've been trained on both the morning & night runs at character room. Last night was my first night doing the runs by myself. I think I did pretty well, since I didn't forget anything. The runs consist of me going to Muppets, Monsters Inc, & Toy Story. They're not really hard, you just don't have alot of time to do them in since you have to be back to finish the laundry before leaving.

Since today was my day off, I went to property control & cast connection. I got a nice jacket at property control. I haven't figured out what's wrong with it, but it was raining & I didn't have an umbrella or anything & it was cheap. It then went over to cast connection where I got a backpack & tshirt. I also got some apples since they were 25 cents each. They have a bunch of food stuff there now. I think if I need to get fruit or bread or something, I going there instead of walmart since it's way cheaper there than walmart.

I think that's about it for now. I'll try to update with how work & the rest of my training is going, but I can't guarantee that I will before my next days off, which is next Friday & Saturday.

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